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Taipei City 10, Jako 0

A thorough dusting of Jako on a wet Wednesday night.

Here were the goals:

Alex R.
Alex R.

– 4-0 halftime –

Alex R.
Alex R.

– 10-0 final –

Congrats to Alex Ramirez for scoring 4 goals in a single game…a hat-and-a-half trick or something like that.

Close to something like this:

On 3 December 2008 Carlos Tevez of Manchester United scored a ‘grand slam’ against Blackburn Rovers. This consisted of a header, penalty kick (right footed), left foot and right foot.

Anyway, all the scoring meant the game was pretty uneventful for the defense.  In the first half a Jako forward cracked a powerful shot that bounced off the bottom of the crossbar but was gracefully saved by Matt Wharton.

In the 2nd half Ibu got a little bored as keeper and baited a Jako forward with a drop-kick gift.  He tried to lob our tall Gambian friend but missed the goal by a mile.

Wet and misty

The lineup

On the sidelines at the half

Another win for Taipei City

Ah yes, the early BML kickoff.  On one hand it makes it a bit difficult to plan wicked Saturday night festivities, yet on the other hand you’ve got still got the rest of your Sunday to do with as you please.

Both teams looked short on players during warm up.  After the lineup and friendly greeting, City only had 10 guys on the field when the kickoff whistle blew.

About 15 minutes later, with a full eleven on the pitch, things started to warm up for Taipei City offensively.  Michael Christie took a nice half-volley from outside the 18-yard box to beat the keeper. 1-0 City.

Then we had some more goals, please forgive me if they’re not in the right order.

Gustavo dribbled through the Jako defense for a tidy finish on the keeper, 2nd game scoring streak.  2-0
Tim cracked a well-placed shot past the keeper just on the edge of the 18-yard box. 3-0
Unlucky deflection as Taipei City scores its first own goal.  3-1
Michael Christie again with a diagonal wormburner from outside the 18 across the goal into the bottom left corner.  4-1 (2 goals from center-mid, nicely done!)
Ross beats defender and keeper with a header from Spencer’s cross.  Final score 5-1.

It may sound like a one-sided game but Rojen made 3 spectacular one-on-one saves as substitute keeper…without which we would have easily been under heavy pressure from Jako.

Lineup and shaking hands

Ricky's throw down the line

John dribbling up the wing

Ross and Spencer celebrating after a goal

Taipei City Continues 8-Game Winning Streak

After a slow start to the season, at one point resting 6th out of 8 teams, Taipei City FC has clawed its way back to the top of the BML standings.

This past weekend Taipei City posted wins over Jako FC and SanChong High School. These 2 victories helped extend City’s current winning streak to 8 games.

Here is the match report by team captain Dan Calvert.

Here are a few pics from Saturday’s match.

Tim and Alex getting ready to pressure the opposing forwards

Team talk before the game

Team shot


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